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[29/01/13 HK Top Ten] Show Luo's kidneys cause troubles for Stephen Chow

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[29/01/13 HK Top Ten] Show Luo's kidneys cause troubles for Stephen Chow

Post by claudz4lyf on Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:56 am

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Courtesy of Mingpao.com

Stephen Chow Sing Chi yesterday promoted JOURNEY TO THE WEST (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) in Taiwan with Show Luo (Law Chi Cheung). Piggy in the film guest starred as "Lonely Gentleman", which the host misread as "weak kidney gentleman". Because Sing Yeh thought it was funny, he added the idea of Piggy explaining that he did not have weak kidneys. Sing Yeh joked, "Because of his 'weak kidneys' we had to shoot all day. That day was wasted! However I believe in my own casting, Piggy truly is top notch!"

Piggy did not want to give people the impression that he was "impersonating Chow Sing Chi". Thus he gave 5 different impressions of each scene to Sing Yeh. Sing Yeh joked, "Because of that, during editing I thought every one was good. I didn't know how to choose."

Piggy worked on the film for 6 days. He as a fan asked how Sing Yeh maintained his skin. Sing Yeh said, "I don't know, I don't sleep, I don't have any abdominal muscle or chest muscle." Piggy said that Sing Yeh loved to act on the set. "When the crew accidentally broke something, he stood up and pretended to scold them. After yelling he would jokingly ask, 'Was I very angry before?'" Piggy already reserved a role in Sing Yeh's next film. He was even willing to play support.

Although Piggy did not have much screen time, he still had the benefit of Shu Qi leaning on his shoulder. Piggy did not dare to look at Shu Qi from the start because he thought her presence was too strong and her eyes were filled with acting. Shu Qi generously leaned on his shoulder anyway and started to act.

Sing Yeh was asked whether he would perform again. He joked, "You have watched it even times, of course you can't tell. You would be close if you watch 30 times or so, you have to seriously watch. One day you will find me, I am really in it." He took back his smile and seriously said, "I feel being on camera to me is too simple, directing is even more challenging. When I direct, I personally perform every character in every scene once to show them. I am not in it, but I am also completely in it. I put my most important 'soul' into the film."

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Re: [29/01/13 HK Top Ten] Show Luo's kidneys cause troubles for Stephen Chow

Post by lzxslxz123 on Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:32 am

Ya! I thought he has really some kidney problem XD

And Show already has a role for the next film? WOAH. AS IN WOAH.
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