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1st Japanese Album


[[Show Biz! Rules]] - Please Read! RULES ABOUT POSTING/REPOSTING ETC.

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[[Show Biz! Rules]] - Please Read! RULES ABOUT POSTING/REPOSTING ETC. Empty [[Show Biz! Rules]] - Please Read! RULES ABOUT POSTING/REPOSTING ETC.

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:30 am

Just a Few Rules For Posting in the News Section :]

1.) Please Specify the Date, Source, and Name of the Article in the Topic Subject
  • Example : [11/17/2018 - Futuristic News Daily] Show Releases 20th Album, Selling 3 Billion On First Day!

2.) Please also include the website of original news article

3.) If it is a translated article, please do include the translator's name, and/or identification (username or other name)
  • Example : Translated by [name]@/at[organization] or [username]@/at[website]

4.) Newspaper Scans, Magazine Scans, Etc. are all acceptable sources of News. Make sure the scans are legible, if not, please retype it or revert to means to make words legible to reader. Include the issuing month/day, name of newspaper/magazine, and the name of the article in the Topic Subject
  • Example : [12/3/2008 - Time Magazine] Show Lo : Person of the Year

5.) Please avoid commenting on old posts, like posts that are over 6 months, even 3 months is a bit much... but definitely nothing over a year. This is to avoid confusion for other members who are trying to get the newest scoop on Show Lo. If recent comments are found on older posts, comments will be removed.

6.) Failure to Follow these Rules are subjected to DIRE consequences.. okay, maybe just warnings, but please follow directions. Thank you for cooperating! Smile

**note : the article titles and/or sources are NOT real.**

* Please note, if you are to re-post the translated articles elsewhere, but they are not translated by yourself, you MUST receive permission from the translator first, and credit the translations to them. This applies to EVERY article posted HERE.. * YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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S.F.C. Family

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