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[02/15/2008 - Liberty Times] Show Thinks of Father, Jolin Recalls Innocent First Love

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[02/15/2008 - Liberty Times] Show Thinks of Father, Jolin Recalls Innocent First Love Empty [02/15/2008 - Liberty Times] Show Thinks of Father, Jolin Recalls Innocent First Love

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:35 pm

Show Thinks of Father, Jolin Recalls Innocent First Love


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Yesterday, Lee Hom Wang, Jolin Tsai, Show "Xiao Zhu" Lo, Rainie Yang, and others were in Taichung at the Taiwan Sport University sports arena holding a "Sweet Passion - Cannot Do Without You" Valentine's Day concert, each taking turns performing, spending Western Valentine's Day with the audience. They also very willingly shared their own romantic Valentine's Day experiences.

Stanley Huang Opens, Fans Scream

After hosts Tian Xin and Su Yi Hong introduced the origin of Valentine's Day, artist Stanley Huang opened the concert singing, "Circus Monkey." The audience below were screaming in high decibels, which ignited warmth that heated up the atmosphere. Show, Jolin and others followed and appeared on stage. Show's section was very "high" (exciting), during 'Bai Gei Ni - Defeat in Love," he had the audience dueling. All of them very openly shared their own Valentine's Day stories. Jolin mentioned that her first boyfriend had ridden a motorcycle and took her to a nearby airport to watch airplanes descend/ascend, but you'd never guess that they got lost. Even though they never got to see the airplanes, but the memory of innocent, young love is heartwarming to her.

Show said that he had once, in collaboration with his father, mother, and cousin, cooked a Valentine's dinner for his girlfriend on the roof of his house, which made her very touched. This morning he had to go film a drama, so after he finishes singing he'll be dashing straight home, with no Valentine's Day plans. When he was asked about his relationship with Jolin, Show said that Jolin is just like a little sister. Good friends can become loveers, but your sister cannot!

Lee Hom Wang Sings Love Songs, Requesting Fans to Delete "Private" Pictures

Yesterday, "Tao Zi" Tao jing Ying and Li Li Ren took their daughter to an amusement park, and then hurried to the venue as surprise guests. They very sweetly sang the duet, "Jin Tian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo - Today You Will Marry Me" and then held a procession of "Heart of Love/Fortune" with the artists. The fireworks were the shot up, 16 meteor-like fireworks shot up and lit the night sky, which brought the concert to a climax. The anchored performance was Lee Hom Wang's. To keep with the Valentine's theme, he sang 3 moving love songs, and gave everyone a suggestion saying if you take any "private" pictures at night, remember to delete them. He then said that 3 years ago on Valentine's Day, he was in director Ang Lee's film studio. Ang Lee and Heath Ledger used a webcast to dub for "Brokeback Mountain," so he has a very profound memory of Heath Ledger's voice.

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

【2008/02/15 自由時報】小豬想起豬爸 蔡依林憶初戀純愛

圖片: [■大牌歌手情人節在台中接力飆唱,傳送幸福情歌。 (記者胡舜翔攝)]


黃立行開場 粉絲尖叫

主持人天心與蘇逸洪介紹完情人節由來後,藝人黃立行率先開唱「Circus Monkey」,台下觀眾立即揚起高分貝的尖叫聲,點燃現場熱絡氣氛。小豬、Jolin等人陸續出場,小豬唱得high,一曲「敗給你」還要台下歌迷畫界對抗。他們並大方透露自己的情人節故事,Jolin說初戀男友曾騎機車載她去機場附近看飛機起降,沒想到竟迷路,雖然沒看到飛機,但回想這段純純的愛,她還是覺得很貼心。


王力宏飆情歌 要粉絲刪親密照


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