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1st Japanese Album


050414 Sunday [Xin MSN] A short but sweet night with Show Luo

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050414 Sunday [Xin MSN] A short but sweet night with Show Luo Empty 050414 Sunday [Xin MSN] A short but sweet night with Show Luo

Post by claudz4lyf on Thu May 08, 2014 2:25 am

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The “dancing soul” returned to Singapore to stage a self-proclaimed “even better” encore edition of his ‘Over The Limit’ world tour, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, last night. To keep things fresh, Show Lo changed up to 90 percent of the choreography and inserted a few new concert highlights to give fans a bang for their buck.

As an “encore” performance of a previously-staged concert, last night’s two-hour gig was comparatively shorter, with a trimmed down set list consisting of 20 to 22 songs. Despite the shortened duration, the concert was jammed packed with the very best of what the Taiwanese artiste had to offer his fans, from his best hits and endless dance action on the stage to the quick-witted host’s non-stop bantering with his fans and his mum (more on that later).

Flanked by a total of 16 dancers (yes, we counted!), Show danced from the opening note to his closing song. He was often spotted sweating buckets on stage due to the sometimes fast-paced routines and possibly, a lack of stamina after two months of non-stop filming in China for an upcoming idol drama. For that the entertainer even joked about feeling “very nervous” at the start of his concert because he has “forgotten it all” since his last performance in January, at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Of a same-same-but-different setup, the most noticeable thing missing from this encore concert was the no-show of his six-pack abs, which made a special appearance during his previous concert in Singapore after an audio glitch. Over a phone interview with xinmsn in April, the 34-year-old admitted that he had no time to go on a diet or train up his body due to filming, and thus, would not be showing off his famed chocolate abs this time around.

Well, not that anyone from the 7,500-strong crowd minded the lack of abs as Show kept the crowd entertained and the concert going with punchy jokes and a tight routine. Read on for a breakdown of the best “show” highlights from Show’s 2014 Over The Limit – Dance Soul Returns World Live Tour concert in Singapore!

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STAGE and VISUALS Going with the theme of Lion Roar, Show’s tenth and latest music album released last year, the stage had a humongous centerpiece with an ornate lion head constructed right on top – in true blue Show Lo fashion. When the oval-shaped piece featured a screen projection of the artiste, it looked like a mirror reflection from afar. The main lion piece was flanked by columns on both sides that were made to look like a variety of things with the help of visual effects - sometimes resembling greek pillars and sometimes colourful totem poles. The overall concert was a visual smorgasbord of colours and motifs that went very well with his vigorous dances and fast tempo songs.

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HILARIOUSLY WRONG Show cracked plenty of slapstick jokes to get the energy level up and going at his concert. He even made a special never-seen-before video, which featured him cross-dressed as a fan girl, to instruct fans on proper concert etiquette. A few pointers: don’t block the people behind you with fan boards, don’t hit the person next to you with your lightsticks, and always, always make sure you shave your, er, underarms lest it overwhelms your next-door neighbor when you’re cheering (with arms in the air) for your idol.

One of the best moments of the night, however, was the mother-and-son moment he had with his momma, who was seated front row as per usual. The two started playing a game of charades when Show wanted to demonstrate how his brave mum had a meal with one of his fans from England and went round Singapore on her own yesterday, although she didn’t know English. Show’s mum jokingly and gamely demonstrated how she’d have ordered her food (during dinner with a fan from England) on Friday night – she flapped her arms (they had chicken) and gestured a pair of cow horns with her fingers put to her head to show how they could have ordered 'beef.'

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OSTENTATIOUS CONCERT OUTFIT Show famously went blonde for Lion Roar. To live up to that striking image he had, Show upped the ante with a variety of outfits over-embellished with gold sequins, animal prints, bling-bling and the likes. At one point of the concert, he was wearing a zebra-printed jacket with a pair of pants that featured a mish-mash of safari prints and stripes. After a quick change of outfits and for the ballad segment of his concert, he donned a bubblegum pink jacket that had huge heart-shaped pockets and lace trimmings on its sleeves. He capped of the night wearing a netted t-shirt with a black tank top that had gold-sequin trimmings that shimmered and sparkled with each step he took.

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WHOLE LOTTA LOVE FROM FANS Fan support for Show was strongly felt from the get-go of the concert. Fans cheered, sang chunks of various hit songs such as ‘Ai Zhuan Jiao’ and ‘Ai Bu Dan Xing’, and some even flew in from overseas to watch the concert. One such fan whom the Taiwanese singer singled out from the crowd nicknamed “grandmother” was said to have flew in especially from England to watch his concert. According to Show, the elderly lady, who was seated on a wheelchair and beside his mother, made it to the concert grounds on her own. Hats off to grandmother!

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